About Cancer for College

Founded in 1993, Cancer for College is a registered 501 (c) 3 charitable foundation with the mission to provide hope and inspiration to cancer survivors by providing college scholarships.

The idea for Cancer for College sparked when founder Craig Pollard, a two-time Hodgkin’s disease survivor, served as a camp counselor for kids who were cancer patients.  “Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times is a special place for seriously ill children and their families,” Craig recalls.  “I immediately noticed the kids were impressed that I was able to go to college, despite battling cancer in both high school and college.”  In speaking to parents, Craig realized that attending college was virtually unattainable for most families dealing with this disease, as many were forced to deplete college funds, retirement savings or even go into debt — anything to help fund saving their child’s life.  “During my senior year at the University of Southern California,” continues Craig, “I wrote a business plan for a non-profit.  I called it Cancer for College with the goal to raise scholarship dollars and help survivors reach their goal of attending college.”

In 1993, Cancer for College hosted its first fundraiser: a golf tournament comprised of 24 of Craig’s friends and family.  After golfing, Craig barbecued burgers and hot dogs in his back yard.  $500 was raised and awarded that day.  To date, Cancer for College has awarded nearly $2 million in scholarships to 1,000 worthy college students. Our first post on this site, The Birth of a Charity, gives a more detailed history of Cancer for College.

Are you interested in becoming involved or applying for a scholarship? We’d love to hear from you! Please click here for more details about our charity; for more information about scholarships, please click here.


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