Introducing CFC’s Perpetual 2016 Pacific Northwest Scholarship Recipient, Mitchell Carbon

Ah summer time in the Pacific Northwest! These are the days we can finally throw away our disheveled rain boots, let our small Ombrophobic dogs out to potty in the lawn without so much as a whimper and best of all, award our newest batch of Cancer for College scholarship recipients!

Each year CFC is gifted with hundreds of exceptional applicants, who not only defeated cancer but further proved that with tenacity, hard work and belief in ones self, anything is possible. Which is why we are beyond honored to award, Mitchell Carbon, with this years Pacific Northwest perpetual scholarship! Not only does Mitchell exemplify these qualities to their fullest but he takes it one step further by passionately giving back to those around him. This quality is why Mitchell will be spending his time at Whitworth University studying Community Health, all in an effort to help others who are suffering in their time of need. Check out Mitchell’s Q&A with CFC below to learn more about this extraordinary young man and be sure to come meet him at our Annual “Taste to Educate” event in Seattle January 2017!

Q&A with our Pacific Northwest Perpetual Scholarship Recipient, Mitchell Carbon.

Mitchell Carbon

What is your health like now (if you are comfortable sharing)?

My health is only moving in the right direction. In some ways I am still recovering but as time goes on my mind, body, and spirit all heal.

What are you looking forward to most about college?
Most of all I’m looking forward to a fresh start with new people. I love all the people who were with me throughout my journey but it will be nice to start fresh at a school where no one knows my medical history.

How do you want to use your cancer experience to help others/give back?
I don’t know exactly how yet but I want to use my experience to help people in some way. Whatever that may be, I want to better the lives of people with my understanding and compassion of people who are suffering like those who helped me.

What is something about yourself that you want others to know?
I want others to know that I’m just a regular person who had an extraordinary opportunity (one most people don’t get in life) to prove to the world what I am made of. I am really just like everyone else

What do you like to do in your spare time — e.g. hobbies?
I really like to spend time doing things with my friends. Especially watching movies! Step Brothers and Harry Potter are some of my favorites!

Do you have any idea what you might want to study in college?
I was really inspired by the people who took care of me during my journey. So I am thinking about teaching or being a nurse. I hope I can make a difference in someone’s life like my nurses and teachers did for me.

Best part of summer so far? One thing you want to do before summer ends?
Honestly, the best part of my summer this year has been getting ready for college. It’s such an exciting time normally for kids, but for me it’s even more exciting because I thought I would never be here. It’s beyond amazing to think I have a life without cancer to look forward to. One thing I want to do before this summer is over is getting in shape!


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