A Second Chance to Sing

We all have gifts that we dream of using to uplift those around us. For some people who are stricken by cancer, the ability to use those gifts can be threatened by the very surgeries that help bring them back to health. Genesis Codina is one such cancer survivor, whose ability to sing was nearly taken away when she underwent treatment for thyroid cancer. Despite this setback, she was determined to strengthen her voice and return to singing once more. She just sent us an update, letting us know just how well her journey back to singing is going. Take a moment to read, and listen, to Genesis’ update below:

“Hello! Happy New Year!! I hope everyone is doing great. I’m Genesis, one of the 2015 Perpetual Scholarship winners and I just wanted to stop by and thank you again for everything that you do. I also would like to share with you that I’m doing great at UC Santa Barbara. I’m really excited about everything I’m doing but one of the things I want to share with you today is this video where I was invited by a Latin American visiting History professor to perform one of his compositions for UCSB Amplified. UCSB Amplified is the new performance series featuring UC Santa Barbara students, faculty and staff. Live-recorded mini-concerts showcase UCSB’s exceptional and diverse music scene. I am beyond thrilled to be recognized by my university as one of their exceptional talents. After suffering from vocal cord paralysis from my thyroid cancer surgery, this is sort of a big deal for me since I couldn’t sing for a while. I hope you enjoy the video and hopefully you can share it as well. Thank you so much for your wonderful support.”


To personally make a difference in the lives of cancer survivors like Genesis, go to cancerforcollege.org to learn more and donate.


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