Recipient Spotlight: Ashley Snyder

Once a year, a phenomenon occurs in which people everywhere remember that more than Amazon packages can be delivered in the mail, and pictures can include more than one’s meal. These “Christmas cards” allow friends and family to remain up-to-date with the major happenings of the previous year, and sometimes Cancer for College is lucky enough to be included on the mailing list. We love staying informed about everything going on in the lives of our recipients, and so appreciate that Ashley Snyder (2014-15 recipient) was gracious enough to fill us in. Here is the update Ashley sent out on her wonderful, busy year:


            I am happy to be writing you after having successfully completed the Summer and Fall semesters here at Nova Southeastern University here in Florida.  The Summer was my final time having to be in a classroom full time as August began my clinical rotations!  The ability to do what I have been working towards for 20 years is the best feeling!  I have rotated through the Emergency Room where I was able to suture, reset broken bones, and even get beads out of a two year old’s nose and ear.  I have also spent time in Family Medicine and Cardiology.  Watching open heart surgery where they replaced the mitral valve was an experience I will never forget! 

Being offered a job during the first set of rotations was extremely flattering and something I will be keeping in mind as I continue forward in my studies.  My grades have remained great in the midst of working 50 hour weeks. I am so happy to be doing what I love and constantly being exposed to all aspects of medicine.  I will continue to keep you updated as my next rotations will consist of Urology, Surgery, Trauma, and OB/GYN. This next semester will include being both a practitioner and a patient which is always a difficulty to balance. And as the time approaches for my 2 year visit to Moffitt Cancer Center, I would appreciate any prayers or positive thoughts you might send my way. Thank you so much for your support and helping make these experiences possible!


Ashley Snyder


Thank you so much for the update, Ashley! You are doing so well, and everyone in the Cancer for College family will keep you in our thoughts as you surge forward and make 2016 another great year!


One thought on “Recipient Spotlight: Ashley Snyder

  1. Tried to leave comment but can not log in.  What an incredible young lady.  You must be so proud of her and the other scholarship winners!!  Gail Pollard

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