Survivor Spotlight: Emily Whitworth


Emily Whitworth 2015.Perpetual

                         Emily Whitworth                                             Texas Christian University                                              Biology/Med School                         Wilm’s Tumor – 4-time survivor

“My experience as a helpless patient fearing for their life was made better by the many men and women who put me first and came up with methods to save me. They have made me want to go out and save lives just like mine.” These words, penned by Emily herself, display the depth of character brought on by a lifetime of experiences. No one should have a lifetime of experiences by the time she is 12, but Emily’s four diagnoses by that age gave her just that. Even so, Emily continues to hold sway over her own life, always excelling at school, playing softball, learning piano, and getting a cat.

However, it is the people who poked and prodded her in the hospital to whom she attributes such freedom and success. Thanks to them, not only is she alive today but also on track to save lives just like hers. “Those nurses, doctors, and specialists,” she says, “made sure I knew what was going on with my body.” Already having faced so much, Emily is poised to begin a new adventure at college so that she can go back and provide hope and health to other cancer patients.


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