Survivor Spotlight: Ben Seeley

Ben Seeley Chapman University Computer Science Osteosarcoma – 3-time survivor

                Ben Seeley
        Chapman University
          Computer Science
Osteosarcoma – 3-time survivor

When cancer hits, it hits hard, and no one knows this better than Ben. The first time Osteosarcoma struck him, it made him miss the entirety of sixth grade due to surgeries and chemotherapy. Right when Ben was beginning to feel confident toward the end of seventh grade the cancer returned. Already shaken from his first bout, the severity of the cancer forced Ben into a wheelchair for a year. School and sports were different. Life was different. Ben was more different, still.

As hard as cancer tried to overwhelm him – even coming back a third time – Ben was stronger. Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times was “a completely different world, one that even cancer can’t claim,” allowing Ben to restore his confidence and self-worth as he led other survivors to the same. He has since taken lessons in photography, art, and ceramics, even donating some of his work for cancer research fundraisers. His true love, though, is computers. When he was wheelchair-bound, he began playing video games and proceeded to build his own computer and became a staff member for a gaming network with a community of roughly 8 million people. Some of the people he has met online are now Ben’s closest friends. In his words, “my online life has helped me cope with my treatment, but what began as a coping mechanism became one of the most informative journeys of my life.”


One thought on “Survivor Spotlight: Ben Seeley

  1. Ben I read your story and deeply admire your strength. Cancer has visited been up close and personal with me also. My daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma 15 years ago. It started with a mole behind her knee, and by the time of surgery it had spread to her lymph node. We were told that her chances were slim. But the power of the mind is unparalled and not understood completely. She is doing well, cancer free and with a son and a daughter today. She received the first of a series of three cancer vaccines before the goverment pulled the plug on the research back then. Maybe that was a cure I wish i had paid attention to that experiment more closely. AYE CALYPSO I sing to your spirit Ben!!

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