A Big Thank You from Cancer for College!

Our name in lights at the San Diego Civic Theater! Photo courtesy of Caroline Wohl

Our name in lights at the San Diego Civic Theater!
Photo by Caroline Wohl

Dear Friends of Cancer for College,

THANK YOU to all who came out Saturday night to share some laughs at the Comedy Explosion hosted by Will Ferrell. It meant so much to us to see the San Diego Civic Theater filled to capacity — 3,000 seats! — in support of our charity, which started so small 20 years ago and has grown into something today that we could never have imagined.

It takes a village to raise nearly $350,000 for college students who have survived cancer.  To the unselfish efforts of so many, from performers and producers donating their time and talents, to charity volunteers putting in long hours, to community sponsors providing food, and to all those who attend our events, we are most grateful. There are countless charities to support, and the fact that so many people pick ours truly leaves us in awe.

We loved everyone’s performances: Hannibal Buress, Whitney Cummings, Ed Helms, Nick Kroll, Tenacious D, Ron Burgundy, and of course, who doesn’t love seeing Will Ferrell in a jumpsuit, especially when he’s performing with the San Diego Civic Dance Arts ensemble.

But there are two especially touching moments to share. First, hearing the crowd roar as Ron Burgundy recognized current and past scholarship recipients in the audience. We feel so proud of these kids, and loved seeing and hearing 3,000 people cheer them on. The second was backstage, when Jack Black asked how much it cost the charity to pay for the celebrities’ travel expenses. Upon finding out, he wrote a personal check to Cancer for College to cover the costs for both he and his band to appear that night.  In his own special way, he said it was “a great honor to support such a fine CHARI-TAY.”

With grateful hearts, and on behalf of everyone at Cancer for College, again we say thank you.

— Craig & Stacy Pollard


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